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on “TADT 36: Should We Move?
One Comment on “TADT 36: Should We Move?
  1. Hi Kurt,
    Your podcast subject evokes deep thought and consideration.
    Based on my own recent experience of relocating from the Southwest to the Midwest, the aspects of family traditions and interactions was priceless and memorable.
    The hard reality, however, of reaclimating to climate, culture, and economics, was challenging and sobering.
    For each of us, life’s experiences are uniquely different.
    You, Nicole, and her family have much to ponder.
    I wish you the best outcome for your beautiful family, of course, with God’s abundant blessings.
    Oh, btw, whenever I listen to your very entertaining TADT podcasts, they suddenly stop, halfway through.
    I access them through my Android device; is that the reason?
    Love, hugs, and blessings to you all,
    Aunt Lenore

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