If we were The Flash, we’d be able to go back in time and take back all those moments spent on About Pages that talk about the person’s many college degrees, their rank on the Inc. 500, the awards they’ve gotten (or been nominated for), or the name of their dog.

Ok fine.  We would like to know the name of their dog.

But that’s not the point.  The point is, this is not one of those About Pages.



Parenting Tip #1: When you’re thrilled and OVERWHELMED at the same time/ when you are holding the best thing you’ve ever done in your arms and don’t want to let them down/ when you secretly wish you could change diapers using the force…listen to this podcast

(This is the point where we get to make a lot of Professor X mind reading assumptions)

*You know how many Parsecs it took for the Millennium Falcon to make the Kessel Run.

*You have a young padawan (aka. a kid) or will be having one soon.

*You want to laugh with your advice, not cringe.

*You resent that every piece of advice–written or verbal–comes with a warning, side effects, and a sudden urge to drive you to get a drink.

*You like it when people get real about their insecurities and joys, because maybe–just maybe–you are feeling the same things too.

*You’ve always wanted to know what blue milk tastes like.

*You believe that–like yourself–people are inherently good but can sometimes find them as a rudderless ship doing the best it can to stay afloat.

*You’re ready and willing to be a parent and dang you’re excited about it.  But you’re also terrified.  You’re wife is growing a little living creature, and it’s one you need to keep alive.

*You’re excited to have kids because it means that you get to have Cocoa Puffs in the house again and for a valid reason.

Parenting tip #2: Learn to keep your temper in check

That is until someone says one of these things and it makes you want to go all Kylo Ren…

*Make sure you are getting enough sleep now, because soon <insert look of doom>

*You can’t keep those toys out, they’re a choking hazard.

*You’re a father now, isn’t time you grow up?

*Get to the movie theatre as often as you can now, because you may not share a large popcorn with your wife Ever. Again.

*You use a pacifier?!

*Binge watch Breaking Bad now, because soon it’ll just be Frozen on loop

Parenting Tip #3: Embrace THe superhero within

Those Are Daddy’s Toys is a community of like minded parents where choosing the right pediatrician is just as important as letting the wookie win.  Where deciding to use disposable or cloth diapers is just as key as deciding which order to show your kid the Star Wards movies.  Where you won’t hear preaching, but honest and transparent reflections and advice on parenting.  It’s a place where the Cantina Band soundtrack isn’t just an album, but an anthem and beacon of hope for weary travelers everywhere.  Where a video like this is more true than we care to admit in public.  Where you may have spent an afternoon doing this before the baby arrived.

But more importantly, Those Are Daddy’s Toys is a place where you can embrace the superhero that lives inside you.  Because that’s what dads are…


We are Jedi masters, and clowns, and magicians.  We can flip pancakes and put our daughter’s hair into a Wonder Woman worthy hairdo.  We change diapers using light saber sounds (because light sabers).

And just like Superheroes, we can feel like we are lost sometimes.  We forget about our superpowers and just need some else to relate to.  We forget that when our son looks up at us with those big brown eyes, he doesn’t care about what the neighbors think or the battle you waged with yourself in choosing the right juice at the market.  No, he just wants you to read Harry Potter to him again.  And do the voices.

Because to him?  You are a Superhero.

Remember, you’re not alone.  We are in the same Batmobile boat that you are.  So let’s dust off those capes and get to work.


Meet Kurt

The Voice Behind it All.


He doesn’t believe in long walks on the beach, instead he keeps them short.  He thinks Hammerhead’s real name is BS.  He hates avocado, which makes his wife mad (but then his wife hates cheese so he wins this one).  When he gets excited his voice raises to levels only merpeople from Harry Potter can hear (you’ll see). And when he holds his brand new son, the sight will melt your heart.